Commercial Locksmith Services

Controlling the access to your commercial establishment is crucial to preserving your investment of time and effort in building your business. 


Dix Key Shop provides a full range of commercial applications and retrofits to bring any place of business or any organization in line with current market expectations, saving you money in the long run with lowered criminal replacement costs along with lower institutional insurance premiums. Not only do you get the benefit of improved security, but you also get lowered costs to help keep your bottom line healthy.


We offer installations of the full Detex and Von Duprin line of exit devices, many of which are properly rated for high-use-and-abuse applications. Dix also offers installations for the popular, durable, and reliable Alarmlock line of anti-theft door hardware devices. Call our locksmith company today for more information about security access control and more to keep your business and employees safe.

Protect Your Investment with Keyless Entry Services & More

Dix Key Shop provides factory-authorized installation of the fine assortment of products we carry. Contact us and call today for an initial assessment toward the security upgrade you've been looking for!

Advantex Panic Hardware

For high use / abuse applications in stainless steel, beautiful yet rugged vapor deposition finishes, and industry leading electric options.

Exit Alarms

The EAX family of heavy duty, easy to install, customizable exit alarms provides a wide variety of feature rich applications for door security.

Access Control Easy to install card reader, keypad or combination access 

Value Series Panic Hardware

Durable grade 1 exit device solutions, available with industry leading electric options for high use / abuse applications.

Exit Control Locks

The code compliant, heavy-duty ECL-230 exit control lock family has your back door covered.

Access Control

Easy to install card reader, keypad or combination access control product line.

Two selectable arming modes for security door alarms and locks –

  • Always armed mode – when key is turned counter clockwise to the disarm position, the key cannot be removed. To remove key, turn back to arm mode, thus keeping unit armed always.

  • Standard security door alarm arming mode – when key is inserted turning counter clockwise will disarm and key can be removed. Turning key clockwise will arm and key can be removed

Guard-XGUARD-X is designed for new and existing construction. It complements the existing Von Duprin Chexit® controlled exit device and ALK alarm kit by providing a combination of alarm and deadbolt functions. It does not allow relatching or resetting the alarm after an unauthorized exit, other than by an authorized person with a key.



A new Series 2670 Exit Alarm Lock from Von Duprin provides secure, alarmed code-compliant protection for emergency exits. Called Guard-X, the new exit alarm lock readily identifies the door on which it is mounted as an emergency exit and secures the opening against unauthorized use. It is ideal for helping reduce theft in restaurants, retail establishments and similar facilities due to unauthorized exit through emergency exit-only doors.


A 100-decibel alarm provides a clear, attention-getting warning of an unauthorized exit or attempted exit. A built-in flashing LED shows at a glance that the device is armed. An audible low-battery alert signals the owner to replace the battery when necessary. An optional external power supply allows Guard-X to be hardwired, eliminating the need to change batteries. The unit's battery then functions as a backup power to operate the alarm if power fails or is tampered with.

The Guard-X complies with the NFPA 101® Life Safety Code. It is UL305 Panic Exit Hardware certified for use on Emergency Exit applications, and it meets ANSI A156.3 Grade 1 Panic Hardware requirements.


It is available in US28 (aluminum), 315AN (black) and 313AN(duranodic brown) finishes to more closely match the finish of the opening.