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About Us

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Thomas Vaughn


The safety and well-being of your family, possessions, and business depend on reliable security and access control systems. Dix Key Shop can meet any security challenge your situation might present, whether you need a safe or another security enhancement to help secure your home or office. We can also assist if you need security access control with full database audit trails to track traffic. Dix Key Shop can help you find the solution that's right for you and do so with the competency and integrity you would expect from a firm that has served San Angelo and Texas for four generations.

Securing San Angelo Since 1937...

Dix Key Shop was founded in 1937 by Dick C. Cunningham. Times were hard for most people in the Great Depression. Dick learned the locksmith trade by necessity to provide for his family. In those days, he had to travel far from San Angelo to earn a living. Dick's son, Glenn, also traveled on these routes, learning as he worked alongside his father. The days were long and the roads were hard. They slept in the back of their 1928 makeshift Chevrolet car they converted into a mobile workshop.

The business was relocated in 1959 to the present location on historic Chadbourne Street. Dix Key Shop has come a long way. Now employing the fourth generation of family and friends, we specialize in security lock hardware and electronic access control. Our keys have been made throughout the decades following Dick's example of providing quality work and a strong handshake to every customer.

Locks, safes, and security systems have changed drastically since 1937, but our devotion to our family of clients, for now, four generations, in the Concho Valley and Texas remains unchanged.